Boundless Dreams
Team: Ava Goldstone
Pine Crest School
Pitch: Working with The Miracle League of Palm Beach County to develop an unrestricted, boundless, and inclusive playground and garden area.

Amount Awarded: $15,000

Team: Princesse De Rossignol, Willmar Escalante, Jehan Hussein and Jorian Rivera
John I. Leonard High School
Pitch: Creating a program to teach high school students CPR, first aid and basic medical treatment
in case of an emergency.

Amount Awarded: $12,500

Horses That Help-Pathfinders
Team: Holly Moritz
Pitch: Expanding the existing Horses that Help program, which uses horses to break through physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and cultural barriers to “at risk” youth.

Amount Awarded: $14,000

Hydroponic Harvest for Healthy Living
Team: Julian Lichtenfeld
Spanish River Community High School
Pitch: Providing fresh produce to food-insecure individuals and families in Palm Beach County.

Amount Awarded: $10,000

Palm Beach Visionaries
Team: Raveena Pandhare
Atlantic Community High School
Pitch: Providing gently used or new eyeglasses, eye examinations and eye care kits for uninsured and underserved youth to improve academic success.

Amount Awarded: $10,000

Princesses Against Cancer
Team: Natalie Gonzalez, Lauryn Mejia and Elizabeth Pino
Atlantic Community High School
Pitch: Providing hospitalized children with a visit from their favorite characters along with care packages to help make hard times a little easier.

Amount Awarded: $10,000

The Ray Band
Team: Jordan Borenstein and Seth Rodgers
Jupiter Community High School
Pitch: Installing sunscreen dispensers in Palm Beach County parks, and later in public schools, to empower peers and members of the community to make critical sun-safe choices for healthy living.

Amount Awarded: $8,500

Y Not Read?
Team: Liz Cloninger, Miranda Green, Liana Stoll and Peyvie Wexler
Palm Beach Day Academy
Pitch: Partnering with the YMCA to purchase iPads for use at afterschool programs to improve reading skills.

Amount Awarded: $9,000

The Youth Empowerment Project
Team: Alexis Fisher, Baron Fisher and Bricen Fisher
Atlantic Community High School and Carver Middle School
Pitch: Engaging, connecting, and empowering middle school students to reach their full potential through mentorship and tutoring by high school students in the Delray Beach community.

Amount Awarded: $11,000