Seventh Grader’s Philanthropic Vision Vies for Top Prize


On March 17, 2016, 12 finalists of the Advisors for Philanthropic Impact’s (API) Palm Beach County Philanthropy Think Tank will present their ideas to a panel of philanthropist/investors. One of those finalists will be awarded $15,000 along with help from the members of the think tank in making her idea become a reality. Benjamin’s own Madeline Caruso, a seventh grader, has been named a finalist and hopes to be the one whose project is chosen.

Madeline applied with the idea of setting up a program called “Seniors for Seniors.” The program would partner up service dogs who are too old to serve with senior citizens in nursing homes. “I thought of the idea just randomly, and thought it could really make these people happy,” explained Caruso. When the contest was announced at one of the Middle School’s Monday morning assemblies, Caruso became intrigued by the idea, filled out the application, and entered the contest. “I chose this charity project by seeing how many senior dogs are in the shelter through social media. After some thinking, my idea was born,” said Caruso.

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