Pine Crest School: Student Earns Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank Grant

The Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank is a county-wide initiative aimed at inspiring and empowering teens to address needs within their own communities.

Nine finalists presented their three-minute pitches and follow-up Q-and-A to four philanthropist-investors with the hope of receiving funding for their community-driven projects.

Evaluated on community impact, program feasibility, solution creativity, sustainability, and team strengths, Ava was the only finalist to be awarded the full grant request of $15,000. In addition, she will receive mentorship from all four philanthropist-investors for her project, titled Boundless Dreams.  In conjunction with The Miracle League of Palm Beach County, Ava will help to facilitate the construction of a barrier-free playground, the first of its kind in Delray Beach at Robert Miller Park.

Congratulations, Ava!

Ava Goldstone '18 (photo credit: Capehart Photography).