We have also successfully provided each child with a level of security in the water that they did not have prior to entering the program. We do not expect each child to pass their swim test by the end of the week, but we do expect them to leave on Friday with new skills, comfort, confidence in their new abilities and a desire to return on Monday.

Go for Green, 2016 Winner

Philanthropy Tank has been an innovative experience for me and my friends to expand our horizons for creating equality within our community for both women and men alike so that we can both better ourselves as human beings and as a social community.

Andrea Lacher, 2016 Winner, Equal & Empowered

Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank provided me with the unique opportunity to propel my project, the Ray Band, to another level. The guidance I have received and will receive will help me further my project beyond my initial expectations … I am confident that the Ray Band will thrive.

Jordan Borenstein, 2017 Winner, The Ray Band

Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank has meant a lot to me … it’s allowed us to spread our message … but it’s also given us incredible opportunities for networking and mentoring which have allowed us to grow and expand beyond what we thought was possible.

Katie Berlasky, 2016 Winner, Equal & Empowered

The most surprising aspect of this project is how many kids just like us and younger don’t have access to items that come so easy to us. We know we can go into the school year with all the supplies we need and clothes, while these kids wonder every day where they will get things from. Also, one challenge has been gathering the needed information in the summer months due to lack of constant communication at the newly added and previously serviced feeder school sites. We learned that putting together a master list of items is important because since we are adding elementary schools to our program, the needs of those students are very different than those of middle or high schoolers. By taking the time to carefully consider the project needs, we will be able to better satisfy our commitment to these students.

My Fair Ladies, 2016 Winner

What a treat it was to work with the students of the 2016 Philanthropy Tank. I was so impressed with their commitment, their tenacity and genuine drive to make our community a better place for all its residents. Helping them hone their presentation was such fun and watching their growth from start to finish was very rewarding indeed.  Our community has a bright future in store with these students leading the fray.

Julie Rowe, Director of Education, Maltz Jupiter Theatre

I thought it was a great experience!  I was excited to use the craft I have been learning in a practical, everyday experience.  I very much enjoyed teaching and learning with the students and their mentors and would gladly do it all again.

Vincent Bolchoz, Professional Training Program student, Maltz Jupiter Theatre

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