The Process

Palm Beach County students 7th through 12th grade follow the steps below to take part in Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank.


View application tutorial video

The video takes you deeper into the Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank application. It answers many frequently asked questions, further explaining the process and much of the information found on this website.


Download, complete and submit the Philanthropy Tank application

The application submission deadline is midnight, December 11, 2016.


Await notification of finalist* selection

Applications are reviewed by a panel of judges. Finalists receive an email notifying them of their selection. That email contains all key dates. All finalists must sign a commitment form, agreeing to:

Participate in the Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank finals event. Further, if awarded funds, over the following year finalists commit to mentoring by the awarding philanthropist(s), providing monthly and quarterly progress reports, plus blogs as their project is implemented.

*All applicants will be notified by email of their application status. 


Finalists’ Prep workshops

Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank has enlisted the help of Jupiter, Florida’s acclaimed community theatre, the Maltz Jupiter Theatre, to deliver four highly curated workshops, providing students invaluable coaching and support to help them craft and present their pitches. Finalists receive support materials and other important information. Additionally, students meet their Advisors for Philanthropic Impact – API coaches. API coaches are on hand to support finalists throughout this critical stage of the PBPT competition. They mentor, motivate, counsel and serve as no-holds barred sounding boards for finalists to present, test and refine their ideas.

Workshops encompass:
  • TED Talks study – influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity
  • Presentation
  • Stage presentation
  • Presentation outline walk-through, critique and counsel with Maltz Jupiter Theatre Director of Education and theatre students
  • Walk-through, timing, body use and body language
  • Dress rehearsal

We use every resource at our disposal to ensure finalists are optimally prepared to effectively, dynamically and confidently pitch.


Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank Live Event

Students live pitch their creative initiatives and solutions to address social issues impacting Palm Beach County at The Maltz Jupiter Theater, March 8, 2017. They pitch before a live audience to a panel of Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank philanthropist-investors who select the ideas and initiatives they’ll fund for 12 months and up to $15,000. Philanthropist-investors mentor students over the same corresponding 12-month period.

Philanthropist-investors seek viable, sustainable ideas and initiatives that present the promise of deep and lasting impact within the community.

Judging Criteria

Community impact

What will your idea or initiative accomplish in the community?

Initiative feasibility

Explain the logic of your idea or initiative.
Discuss the need it addresses.

Solution creativity

What research and/or problem solving thought processes go into your initiative?
How will your idea change lives?


Describe the long-term viability of your idea or initiative.
How do you see it living on beyond the initial 12-month period?

Team strength

Describe your relationship with the organizations and team members critical to your idea or initiative’s success.

Students must be:

  • Palm Beach County students 7th – 12th grade
  • Individuals or teams (teams may use a single application with a max team size of 4 students)

Student responsibilities include:

  • Proposing initiatives that directly address social issues impacting Palm Beach County
  • Presenting creative solutions to a judging panel of philanthropist-investors at the Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank Live Event
  • Complete a media release allowing use of your name, likeness and the details of your involvement and initiative in all Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank press relations
  • Attend coaching workshops
  • Attend the Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank Live Event
  • Complete the 12-month mentoring period
  • Provide progress reports as projects are implemented

Winners receive:

  • One-to-one mentoring from a philanthropist-investor for up to 12 months
  • Up to $15,000 in initiative funding, corresponding to the mentoring period
  • Ongoing mentoring, resource and support from a dedicated team of API coaches
Application submission deadline
Finalists Announced
Finals Event